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Higham Lane School, 

Shanklin Drive,

Nuneaton, CV10 0BJ

Nuneaton Moviemakers  -  New Committee
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Following the NM AGM, the dream team Alan and Gordon have both decided to step down from Chairman and Accounts.  We welcome Angie as the new chair (she refuses to be a Chairman) Joe as Vice Chair, Jackie in for accounts and Alan didn't quite escape, as he is still secretary.

Patrick joins the committee as Programme Secretary and promises a shake-up and a move to more practical evenings.

16th May meeting is now a filming planning at Angie's as the room has been cancelled.

See programme for latest links.

Thanks to Alan & Gordon for racking up more than 50 years service in the posts between them!

Film of the week



Yippiyoodoo shown at BIAFF recently, shows a montage of various folk dancers and costumed performers, look out for coco-nutters and Jane Austin style regency dancers. Bridgerton eat your heart out!


BIAFF online cinemas and gala cinema showcase at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham.

Tickets here (Eventbrite)

Things to do this week ...
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Next Meeting in person at Higham Lane school is at 7pm.  See you there... Also the subs model is changing, so we're now paying an annual fee; which covers subs, and refreshments.

Members are invited to make a film inspired with the following props - frying pan, a tape measure, a cloth, and some boots,  clothing or a hat.

The BBC are dropping a series of workshops and masterclasses for people wanting to get started in technical roles in TV.  The ones I've seen so far are in Birmingham and Glasgow and being live streamed.  Sign-up for more information.

Bradford Movie Makers recently featured on Storyville Documentary on the BBC, (now on catch-up via iPlayer here). It follows Bradford's highs and lows starting just before covid and picks up after the Covid lockdown period.

They are fortunate enough to have their own club room, but it also needs looking after and upkeep.  

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The IAC brings you another relaxed, non-competitive evening of short films.

Last Sunday of odd numbered months.

For everyone. For free.

Host: Paul Kittel, FACI & IAC Patron

March IAC Open Film Evening 7.30pm on Zoom

Meeting ID: 847 0197 2435
Passcode: 123456

Abbey Theatre in the heart of Nuneaton, not only stage and screen but now other artistic leisure pursuits - yoga, calligraphy, flower arranging.

Regular stand-up comedy and theatrical shows.

Midsummer Movie Madness

Midsummer Movie Madness in its newest reincarnation - Midsummer Filmmaking Challenge
organised by the IAC took place last weekend.
The themes titles of "Near Miss" and
Three's a crowd" were kindly provided by guest judge the renowned documentary film maker Michael Slowe. 
This is the new home for the rush film-making challenge that used to be held in the Midlands over midsummer's day that met its demise due to Covid.
Happily this new event is open to all, not just us yamyams.
The event has been extended to run Friday night to Sunday afternoon submission and the finished films shown on a showcase Sunday evening, in place of the July IAC open film night.

You can read more about our exploits in the blog ...

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We are recruiting ...

Do you want to come along and try film-making?  Why not come along and meet us?

In normal circumstances we meet alternate Thursdays at Higham Lane school.  Drop us a line and tell us you're interested.

email Nuneaton Moviemakers.

We're back to post-covid normal face-to-face - check out our programme page for the latest details.

Nuneaton Moviemakers are affiliated to the IAC Film & Video Institute

Nuneaton Moviemakers are also a member of CEMRIAC

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