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Club Meetings   -  Zoom, beyond Nuneaton
Running Dog

Nuneaton Club meetings continue on Zoom, on 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7.30pm all welcome.  See programme for latest links.

If you're looking for more online moviemaking club action during lockdown check out our friends at Bristol, Gloucester, and Darlington.

Film of the week

As seen at the IAC open film night on September 26th, Patrick's period drama about a young woman and a train crash.

Over Twenty-One 



Get Ready for the next IAC open film night

Next IAC open film night on zoom is 28th November 2021.

Submissions via Simon Sumner

Catch-up on the last film night submissions ...

This selection is from the Southern Counties (SoCo 2021)

Dolphin Competition

1. ‘Dream Rides’ (1st)

Bristol FV Society,  8 mins 

2. ‘Hat Trick’ (2nd) 2 mins Peter Hiner 

3. ‘Musical Shorts’ (3rd) Larry Hall 6 min

Things to do this week ...
Midsummer Movie Madness

Midsummer Movie Madness 2022 organised by CEMRIAC
Loved by some, loathed by others - however you feel about it we did it again.  This year ran as a weekend - online event.
10 minute maximum running time.
See our film here.
Making & Editing: 26th June & 27th June, (up to 6.00pm)
Film Show: 27th June 7pm

Congratulations to the winners Jill K. Bunting and John Smith!!!
Their film "Smart Speakers" won the Midsummer Filmmaking Challenge. An ingenious idea for a film: a dozen characters involving a crew of two!
Congratulations also to our runners up: Second placed were Tim Stannard and crew with "The Case of the Missing Pickle Magnate"
Third placed were Derby Movie Makers with "Are You Listening?"

Nuneaton's latest lock down twiddles

Watch the films made to a piece of music, using music selected by Gerry.

Nuneaton Moviemakers Guest speakers ...

8th April 2021, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Jayne Slater, professional film maker in the East Midlands, joined us for an interesting and engaging talk recently.  Jane was one of a series of guest speakers who have been kind enough to give up their time for us.

Don't worry if you missed it, you can see a recording of the event here ...

Nuneaton Annual Competition
Nuneaton Moviemakers annual competition still went ahead this year, albeit it in a different way to previous years.   Geof Caudwell kindly agreed to be our guest judge and despite the lockdown we had eleven films entered.  Geof will be provided his critique over live link.
As for the script competition, well we'll have to wait and see as as usual Geof will have the Christmas break to make the decision. No annual dinner though in January for obvious reasons, so watch this space.
Best Movie - 'Set Fair' - Alan Atkinson
Best Sound - 'Watch the Birdie' - Gerry Bishop
Highly Commended - 'Birmingham 2020' - Patrick Woodcock
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The Midland Moviemakers (3M) competition runs throughout the year.

2020 results are available here. 

Due to corona circumstances the league for 2021 has been suspended.

We are recruiting ...

Do you want to come along and try film-making?  Why not come along and meet us?

In normal circumstances we meet alternate Thursdays at Higham Lane school.  Drop us a line and tell us you're interested.

email Nuneaton Moviemakers.

At the moment we do it all by Zoom - check out our programme page for the latest details.

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NM also participate in the Midland Movie Makers (MMM)

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