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Some recently completed projects

Bob's Buses

Gerry's latest film, sneak preview, already entered into BIAFF for 2023, tells the story of a 91-year old model maker.  Watch this space for the link and news of when we might get to see it before the hoi polloi in Birmingham.

Great work Gerry!


A short film made by Merlin using Reallusion iClone 5 Soundtrack 'Stonk' bought from Audio Network.


made by Merlin Brownsword

March 2015,  01:10

A short film from Alan and Gordon, the fable of a talented porker.

Gordon and Alan's film made for 2019 Tony Rose.

Featuring CGI effects

Pork Scratchings

made by Nuneaton Moviemakers for Tony Rose

September 2019,  01:40

A little bit of fun from the Midland Movie Makers, film in a day competition (Midsummer Movie Madness) to the theme - Impossible

This film is devised, filmed and edited in 6 or 7 hours.  We then all skip up to Long Eaton to share dinner and watch the films.  More social than high cinema.


made by Nuneaton Moviemakers for MMMMMM

June 2019,  07:07

Personal recollections of the Coventry Blitz with archive footage and recollections from residents' experiences. 

This moving film was a club collaboration and is included in the Herbert Media collection.

Moonlight Sonata

made by Nuneaton Moviemakers for Herbert Media

Dec 2012, 15:23

A birds-eye perspective of Nuneaton's Jim undertaking a wing walk to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

You can find out more about the great work the trust do through their website here ...

Out of the Blue

made by Nuneaton Moviemakers

June 2016, 14:07

The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland is an Engineering Marvel for the modern age.  Gerry gets privileged access to this delight and explains all.  Complimented for being better than the resources at the visitor's centre itself, this film is a fascinating insight into the matter-of fact.

Waterways Revolution

made by Gerry Bishop

Summer 2004, 12:35

Filmed with the assistance of Edinburgh Cine & Video Society, this film shows the artistry & casting process and the dedication of Nuneaton's new 'Old Bill'.  A replacement procured in 2006 following the theft of the original statue by scrap metal thieves.

Nuneaton's Boer War statue - 'Old Bill'

made by Gerry, Bishop, Nuneaton Moviemakers

November 2008,  27:00 (note 10 seconds blank leader)

Test Rushes for a group documentary on making a logging cart.

Logging Cart

(Work in Progress) Gordon Bullock

January 2020, 0:31


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