BVFS - Bristol Film and Video Society

All through lockdown Bristol have had guest speakers on interesting topics.  You missed them?

Don't worry they've thought of that too!  

Head over to Vimeo for their meeting showcase.

Or visit their website here for more info ...


Leamington Underground

Those talented people at Leamington Underground have assembled a whole host of exciting resources to get you started from nothing.

Check them out ..


BBC Writers' Academy

With nothing but time on your hands during the COVID slowdown fantastic news that the BBC Studios Writers’ Academy is widening the hunt for next big TV drama storytellers.

Link here...


Do, Think, Share

do think share.JPG

Create to Connect - Want inspiration for something creative but don't know what?

Sign-up to 'Do, Think, Share', 

Link here...

Amara Captioning

Amara provide a free to use captioning tool you can use to make your video accessible to people who are hard-of-hearing or deaf.



All those competition sites in one place.

Membership is free, simply upload your details of your film and furnish it with the YouTube hosting link and can select festivals to enter as easily as online shopping.


The Free Sound Project

For that tricky last minute edit when you've lost your foley, the freesound project is there to save you.  Usable under the creative commons license check individual users permissions.

freesound updated_logo.png