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 We make dramas, documentaries and even music videos! All aspects of film making are covered at our twice monthly meetings which run throughout the year. 

With outdoor activities and on-location filming, we make, watch and share short films made by ourselves and other UK & International amateur film clubs.


Do you have a story to make? A burning issue to document? Are you a writer, an actor or techie? Why not come to our next meeting? 


for addresses and maps of commonly used film club venues click here

The stuff that dreams are made of ...

Join us

Filming Life on Mars

Normally Nuneaton Moviemakers meet regularly in the community room at Higham Lane School in Nuneaton.  (Shanklin Drive, Nuneaton, CV10 0BJ)

Like most clubs we are meeting online via teams at the moment.

We welcome newcomers, try-it-outers, and maybe-I'll-like-iter.

There is no charge for looking!  Come along for a couple of meetings first and see how you feel about it.

If you want to try

- story making

- investigate journalism

- chronicling events

- local interest

- bringing the past to life

this is the place for you.

Maybe you like make-up, or acting, or writing, or prop building, or filming, or sound recording, or drone flying?

There's so many ways to get involved to get help on your ideas or maybe just socialise a bit,

pop along to a club meeting and have a chat.

There's no cost to come along and see, owning a video camera is not essential to get involved.

Fancy film-making but Nuneaton isn't close? 

Click here for our neighbouring clubs.


No charge for looking! - First timers are welcome with no charges to begin.
Once you decide to join subscription to NM is £50 a year.  Members subscription covers room hire, insurance, competitions fees and music licensing.
All meetings include tea & biscuits!

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