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A end to moviemaking by proxy ...

Terry writes ... Well done Patrick for your excellent contribution to the Newspage on March 16th. Whilst ‘Zoom’ did a fantastic job in keeping members connected during the Covid lockdown, we now find that members can no longer be bothered to turn up to live meetings - indeed at the last live meeting, I sat for 50 minutes while others messed about with miles of cable, and God knows how many plugs and sockets to find the right connection - to service the people who could not bother to turn up. How can this be right?

Patrick also mentioned that Sutton Coldfield have a full slate of films, not only being made, but waiting to be made. What have we got? Nothing! Covid and the Covid lockdown stopped us from making movies for two years, but what a golden opportunity it gave us to get out our pens and writing pads to look for ideas for future projects. Did anybody do it?

Well I did. I wrote four scripts and filmed two of them when the opportunity arose.

So, where are we now Patrick? The competitions are on Zoom - half of the membership is on Zoom. It looks to me as if our technology Wizard, Zoom, has bitten us all in the backside. I agree with everything you say Patrick, but remember another old saying - “There’s none so deaf as those who don’t wish to hear, nor as blind as those who don’t wish to see.” Our membership is only half of what it was 20 years ago, and 50% of the remainder can’t be bothered to attend. How can we possibly expect to make any worthwhile movies in this situation? What is needed is face-to-face discussion. You can’t make movies by proxy. Technology is a wonderful thing to have at your disposal, but have we forgotten our own club title - Nuneaton MovieMakers!!! ”

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