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CEMRIAC round up - Spring Festival

Report on films in the Festival. Sunday 9th May saw the latest instalment in online film events with the CEMRIAC Spring Festival. Expertly MC'd by Simon Sumner and judged by Michael and Linda Gough, the programme produced nearly five hours of

film and discussion. Congratulations to all the participants. The following prizes were awarded:-

Overall Winner: “The Best Of Cellars” by Larry Hall.

Second Place: “Sean” by Howard-Smith.

Third Place and Most Imaginative Use of Sound: “Impossible Mission” by Larry Hall. Most Creative Editing, “But Soft, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?”, By Jill Lampert & Debbie Daniels.

As you can see from these results, Larry Hall, ex of Chesterfield MM,

stole the show by taking first and third place with his two entries. He really is

a master of sound and vision created by computer as we saw in “Impossible

Mission”. Howard-Smith with two entries also produced some good work.

His “Sean” gained second place in the competition, but in my book, his other entry,

“Off The Cliff”, was a far better film, with its excellent lighting, sound, editing, and a sterling performance by a most accomplished young actress, Sophie Bullock. One film

containing good photography was Bob Wood’s “Iceland”, though it was in bad need of a narration, something that could easily be added at a later date....and my word, didn’t Bob’s wife look cold!! Brian Ratcliffe’s three entries each attempted to show how our films can be made visually better by paying more attention to framing, making better lighting decisions, and making better use of one’s camera facilities. Will we ever learn?

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