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Encore Patrick!

On July 1st, Patrick gave a first rate presentation to remotely assembled members for yet another club Zoom meeting. He began by relating how he worked as a furniture designer, and eventually chose photography and cinematography as his preferred hobbies.

He also had - and still has - a keen interest in drama production, especially in stage lighting. His early forays into film-making included helping other enthusiasts to save Nuneaton Arts Centre from closure by the local council.

In much the same manner, he filmed various clubs and bodies in action at an old school in Atherstone, which was being used as their headquarters. Once again, the building was being threatened with closure by the local council - in this case, Atherstone Council. Apparently, Patrick was hospitalised before he could edit his footage, and that was undertaken by an acquaintance from the BBC.

Once again through their involvement, the building was thankfully saved from closure. Throughout these incidents, both he and friends learned how to hone their filming skills, and they had quite a little business doing weddings and other events! After his introductory talk, Patrick went on to show some of the work he’d done in subsequent years. Among them was ‘The Final Fling’, which told the story of the last days of Rev. Teddy Boston’s private narrow gauge railway at Cadeby in Leicestershire, and he followed that - amongst others - with ‘Only Lyon’, filmed when he and Christine lived in the city for three years.

Then we watched a brief clip from ‘A Tramp and The Little Stick Men’, which I regard as one of the best dramas made by any club member. The whole evening was interspersed with photographs and clips etc, from stage shows and other events; it’s extremely doubtful whether any other club member could put together such a comprehensive and interesting show. (The above clips are from ‘Only Lyon’)

Apparently the evening’s Zoom meeting was recorded - by whom I don’t know, but we may therefore get to see that at some point in the future.

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