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Hinckley Scribblers

Gordon writes .. “A few months ago I looked on the internet for people who write stories ‘for fun’ in the hope that they might have something suitable that N.M. members could film.

Lo and behold there is a group of such people who are members of ‘Hinckley Scribblers’. I sent an email to the group and told them all about N.M., what sort of films we make and who we show them to. The outcome of the email was to receive a story that would be quite easy to film and with characters that we could, hopefully, obtain without too much trouble.

More about that at a later date because another suggestion that H.S. would like us to give priority to is this. Some of their members have together written a story which they sent off to a publishing company- to read and hopefully, put into print.

What H.S. would like N.M. to do is make a short film of part of the story so that it could be sent to the publisher to whet their appetite and hopefully become enthusiastic about. I’ve read the part needing to be filmed and was impressed with the dialogue.

The filming by some N.M. members was due to take place at a couple of pubs in Burbage, nr Hinckley, on Sunday the 26th Sept. BUT some of the actors, supplied by H.S. ‘hadn’t learnt their lines’. The filming will (?) hopefully take place at a later date. Watch this space. Gordon.

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