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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I fielded an idea recently, to certain members of Nuneaton Moviemakers. As usual, it proved to be as effective as lighting a damp squib. We are allegedly trying to emerge from this lockdown and go into an era of a new normal. A new normal? We have been effectively locked down over the past eighteen months with many restrictions and many, including myself have found new things to occupy myself. I compile two pages of club reports for the IAC’s Film and Videomaker magazine. Of late, I am now finding it to be more of a chore than something exciting to write about. Essentially, because the Midlands region of CEMRIAC, is dead! The only real functioning club is Sutton, who between groups of members are turning out films like a production line. This has been during lockdown - by finding more inventive ways of meeting and filming. Although they are not giving any thoughts of meeting face-to-face until at the earliest, next year, they have learnt and developed, which will stand them in good stead for the future. Myself, in eighteen months have changed my perception of things, have new interests and have a new realisation of what I want do, or not to do. Over the lockdown, Nuneaton Moviemakers have just carried on as ‘normal’ on Zoom. This has been on the whole, just digging into the basement of old and older films and sit and pass judgement upon them.

Very little has been learnt and very little gained in the way of creativity. A date has been set to return to Higham Lane school and doubtless just return to ‘normal’ and do much the same as before. Sit and watch films in a more than jaded school class room and the only real activity being that of furniture movers. Harsh words, but is it not true? I wonder from where the films are coming from? The cupboard is getting rather bare. Why not a new vision? Some new thinking, by adding a new dimension to the club or are we getting to old in the tooth or set in our ways for that? I return to my opening point about the idea I fielded. Why not have a change of venue? Move away from that tired old classroom and find somewhere more conducive to film making. Imagine, if you can, and I say if, for instance the club had a visit from prospective new members, having a place which would give a better impression might be a deal clincher. I made enquiries regarding a couple of venues over here in Atherstone. Atherstone Arts Centre as it was known, is a small cosy theatre which can be used for meetings. It has a large motorised screen and looks more the business than the tired old Higham Lane schoolroom, although it is a former Victorian school. I suggested this venue because I know of it and to me it fits the bill. Yes, it would be a bit more expensive but we are supposed to be rich retirees.

I did put forward another community room here in the town. I’m not suggesting that new members would come flocking, that has to be worked at. However, the response from the initial proposal I made was negative. I get the feeling that the responders are content with the present school room. It suits them and their ambition and that is the end of it. I have more than serious reservations about the school room and I am more than minded not to return to it. With regard to distance, we drive, to Sutton’s meeting venue, so to me, distance is not an objection. (I’ve said ‘we’, partners and even wives are welcomed at SCMM!) In the term of premises, perhaps the future of the club should be considered bigger than the convenience of individuals.


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