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Real life animation

Stop Frame Animation...Gordon explains.... “The last N.M. meeting at Higham Lane School was the second type of meeting for a l—o—n—g time, and the first one that I had attended recently. There were seven members present. Gerry, Alan, Geof Payne, Michael, Nigel, Terry and Gordon. The evening started off with me ‘photographing’ the other members standing in a line and moving their arms and bodies in sequence in different positions. My video camera was set to ‘photo mode’ not video, and every time people changed their positions and kept still, I took a photograph. It’s best, if possible, to do this with the aid of a remote control transmitter that’s supplied with the camera to prevent any camera shake if the record button is pressed by hand. The photographing was done lots of times and the ’photos‘ then imported in to the video editing program that I use, Adobe Premiere CS6, and shortened from the 125 frames per second to 3fps. The frames were then ‘stuck together ’ and when they were shown as a sequence gave the impression of smooth ( sort of ! ) movement. ‘Stop frame animation’ is the name given to this type of effect.

Alan also took some photos of members sitting on chairs arranged in a line one behind the other and moving forward a bit at a time. The resulting effect gave the impression that the member’s chairs were ‘on wheels’. After this ‘ bit of fun’ Nigel read out some dialogue with Terry, Gerry and Geof 'acting’ sitting still and looking bored. Terry then showed his latest video “The Mole”, which, I’m sure, will be seen again at the club. Geof P. as usual, did a good job of operating the video projector. Alan showed some of his older films - - - - then we all went home. An interesting evening and I was pleased to say that the classroom was nice and warm throughout the evening”.

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