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The view from week 60 ...

As I write this it is Sunday 16th May, tomorrow will be step three out of lockdown, which is just 60 weeks after the start of the first lockdown in March 2020. Yes, I have been counting! I have always considered it as just one long lockdown for me, as I never took advantage of the easings last year when we were previously allowed to shop for non-essential retail, eat in restaurants etc.

I shall be very cautious again on Monday and not rush out to do all the new things that are allowed. So how should I mark the event? Ah yes, I should make a film. Ok, ok, you did hear me correctly. I thought I would record Nuneaton in week 60 of the lockdowns and restrictions to see what changes had occurred in the last year.

First thing, charge up the camera battery. Mmmm, before that find the camera. No, it must be somewhere but it eluded me. So I thought that this was the opportunity to have a go at making a film on my ‘phone to see what it would do. This I did, I spent a few hours last Thursday, 13th May, around the town recording people drinking their coffee at tables on the pavements with their scarves and coats on and any other changes to shops in the town centre. I started at Ropewalk car park and did a loop of the town back to the Queen’s Road entrance to Ropewalk. For those of you not

familiar with Nuneaton, Ropewalk is a fairly new, but small, shopping mall in the centre of town.

I even stopped at McDonald’s in Queens Road for a cup of coffee, take away only, of course, to drink outside in the street. It is the first time I have been inside a McD in 60 weeks, although I have often used their drive throughs. Even this time I ordered on the app from the pavement and quickly went inside just to collect it.

I have now downloaded the film shots onto my computer. I made just one mistake with the camera. I had used it sideways to avoid the tall thin pictures that we see so often, but I ended up with a square picture. I have since found that there was a 16:9 button which I should also have clicked. Will try that for film 2.

What next? I will keep you updated on attempts to edit this in next Newspage.


photocredit: pixabay

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