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Mike Wyman FACI, is a distinguished IAC member and regular judge of IAC competition entries. Here is an interesting brief resume of what he wrote in the current CEMRIAC magazine about the apparent slow demise of other long-standing members not wishing to carry on in their judging roles. He says, “I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps they feel that the time involved interferes too much with their own filmmaking. Or perhaps they are beginning to feel jaded. This is a shame because these experienced judges have a lot to offer filmmakers with the appraisals they offer”. He goes on to tell us about the way he judges people’s entries.... “I firmly believe that a film should not have to be seen a number of times in order to get its message across, If it doesn’t communicate to an audience on the first viewing, then it has failed to some extent.....in all the time I have been judging amateur films, I have never found that I’ve had to change my mind about a film after a second or third viewing. As judge for last October’s CEMRIAC event, I gave the first film I watched a score of 10. All the other films were then given ratings either above or below 10, as I assessed whether they were better or not as good as the first. Choosing the best is never easy- it never is, but in the end the scores ranged between 3 and 14.....I am genuinely grateful to CEMRIAC for having asked me to judge 2020’s Autumn Festival. I enjoyed every minute of it.....I look forward to sitting in on the Spring Festival in 2021, as well as judging in the BIAFF 2021 online competition.” Mike’s full account on Judging can be found in the March - April 2021 CEMRIAC magazine.

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